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  • Margare Thorli Book review

Testimonies About the Book Launch

I was so impressed with the Book Singing event. Everything went so smoothly, the people was friendly the author Margaret Thorli I find her to be open about her journey on the dating ward I bought my  book I cannot wait to go home and start reading it I like the book cover: Single Mother and the Dating Game: Tips on how to maneuver the Dating Minefield

  • Margare Thorli Book review

More Testimonies From Book Launch

What a wonderful Book reading and Book Singing event that I have been to. For a long time there was plenty of laughter and to see so many lone parents coming together sharing their stories and the challenges they face going on a date for the first time the book reading from the ladies were very powerful.

I find the author Margaret Thorli to be down to earth, warm and friendly I was so inspired and motivated by her story. I cannot wait to go home and read the book: Single Mother and the Dating Game: Tips on how to manoeuvre the Dating Minefield

  • Margare Thorli Book review

Shika’s Review on the Book:

I must admit I was very sceptical when my friend asked me to come to a book launch I have never been to a book launch before I am not a single mother looking to date. I am Married. But I am so happy that I came. I really enjoyed myself and I am going buy two books one for me and one for my other friend who is single looking to date. By Shika

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Margaret’s book provides personal experience of the many difficulties many single mothers may identify with, like the emotional turmoil of being single and a mother, caring for young children, trying to manage a household whilst still holding down a job or starting a business, overseeing finances and being flexible when going on dates. ‘A Single Mother and the Dating Game’ attempts to lift the veil on this issue by providing candid examples, moving stories and tangible tips.