Margaret Tholi Proposal


He has invited you for your first date and suddenly he whips flowers from behind his back. Single Mum, this is beautiful, this is awesome, this could be a dream come true moment but have you ever considered what else was behind him besides the flowers? Each person comes with their own story and we need to make sure we read it well and understand it. What is in your man’s past? What really is behind him? They could be good things, things you have longed for but it may just be the downright ugly and unexpected behind him. Next time you go on your date, remember to check the man and what lies behind him.

Now, do you want more tips on how to manouevre in this dating game as a single mum? Well count your blessings because the book by Margaret Thorli,

‘A Single Mother and the Dating Game: Tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield’

is now available to purchase on these platforms;

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