The Challenges Single Parent Faces When Dating -Part 1

The Challenges Single Parent Faces When Dating

Some of the challenges that single parent face when dating and bring their children up, they are:



Right support from friends and family

Having time for yourself

Keeping the children entertained

Seeking Employment

Setting Up Your Business

The Dating

Introducing your children to your new partner

Social isolation

Some of the challenges of caring for kids alone that I have listened above they are numerous I cannot list them all, not only that they are unique to the individual.

I can keep going on with the list because there are so many things that we single parents go through bring up our children, I will try to address some of the things that I have listed above as a single parent trying to date and how I  dealt with them.

Some of you single parents may probably read the title of the book or the list above and think, “Haha! You have narrowed it down them to 10?” with all fairness, I do realize that there are so many issues that single parent have to deal with every day from the morning you get up to the time you go to bed.

So the list is a small overview of the common things that as single mom struggles with.

Financial Strain.

After running my business for number of years and I was doing really well financially, paying all my home bills and long side my business bills and bought my second house cash and buying everything and the way I wanted it to be for my son and myself was very exciting, I was so proud of myself to be able to do that. But however I had to pay a high price for that, the price was not entering any relationship because the fear of this man can take me out of my focus or he becomes a liability to me, such as he is not a positive role model for my son, having to go round picking after him and paying all the bills because he is out of work, that was not part of my plan as I moved to achieve my goals. Not only that everything was going really well with me.

My new retail business allowed me to travelled a lot, going on holidays everything was going really well with my family, the business, until one 9/11 happen, business started to go down because at the time my business depended on a great on importing goods from overseas. Places like American, Turkey, Cripusy Ital, France and develop great relationships with the wholesales in those countries I used to get special treats when I enter those wholesales, things were very, very good with me and family.

But after 9/11 my business took a noise diver I could not travelled as often as used to buy my goods after a year struggling to keep the business open I had to make a heartfelt decision to close the shop, it was a heart ranching time for me. I just cried all the time, the thought of having to close my business, I had worked so hard to build this business and provider a comfortable living for myself and my son, they were very difficult times for me financially.

After I closed the shop, I was in a very confused state, all the questions came rushing to my mind all at one go, such as how I was going to pay my bills, my mortgage, putting food on the table, the biggest one for me how was I going to find a job, how is going to employer me. I have always worked for myself. This questions opened a big door to worries, depression, more crying, building up to anxiety. Go to the Job Centre Plus to sign on was not an option for me. I sat back and looked at my options if I did not go and sign on how was I going to bring money in the house, I looked at my saves all I had was £6,000:00, The only forward for me was to go back to college and retrained up-skilling myself so that I can have a better chance getting a sustainable employment.






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